01. Oct. 2018 - 30. Nov. 2018

Mahde Hasan

Filmmaker from Bangladesh

Mahde Hasan completed post-graduation on Anthropology. He makes short films independently. One of his films, "Photographs of a School Teacher", was an official selection at "IndieCork Film Festival, Ireland, 2013",  at Siliguri Short and Documentary Film Festival, India, 2014" and at "Dhaka International Short Film Festival, Bangladesh, 2012". He completed a documentary, "The Sky is not Always Blue", with the support of Goethe Institut, Dhaka at the year 2013.

2018, as a participant of Open Doors, a section of the Festival del Film Locarno, Mahde Hasan was selected for this residency by Internationale Kurzfilmtage Winterthur, DEZA and Villa Sträuli.

01. Sep. 2018 - 30. Nov. 2018

Sasha  Kurmaz

Visual Artist from Ukraine

Sasha Kurmaz was born 1986 in Kyiv, Ukraine, where he lives and works today.
Sasha multidisciplinary artist works with photography and public intervention, video and performative practices. In most of his work he plays a game of de-powering power structures, using both humoristic and conceptual interventions. Characterized by extreme simplicity of execution, by means of visually minimal gestures, interventions, and situational works, Sasha analyzes socially and political interrelationships
that address themes both poetic and political. Kurmaz’s work is at once direct and open to interpretation.

Kurmaz has participated in many international group exhibitions and festivals and his work has been published in a wide range of international

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01. Sep. 2018 - 30. Nov. 2018

Felix Oehmann

Visual Artist from Germany

In his investigation of sculpture, Felix Oehmann addresses the question of what it is that continues to drive humans to validate themselves in sculptural form. By directly accessing the textures of reality, personal conceptions of the humorous in everyday life are rendered visible. Taking an experimental approach to a variety of materials, the sculptor tries to unify opposites – sculpture as the simultaneity of the inner powers of imagination in a harmonious balancing act with external conditions. Oehmann’s sculptures are inner worlds raised to the level of form – worlds that communicate solely through the physical experience of them.

Felix Oehmann and artist-in-residence Sasha Kurmaz will exhibit their work at the oxyd Kunsträume in Winterthur from 27 October to 8 December 2018. The oxyd Kunsträume will also host a talk with the two artists on 16 November 2018. For more information, see under “Events”.

Felix Oehmann was born in 1985 in Heidelberg. He lives and works in Berlin.

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